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Studio Masterclass


It takes a village for an athletes’ career to be both successful and healthy. My goal for Artistic Athletes is create that balance and make personal training part of every dancers’ routine. Not only get them to their goals safely but also to create awareness of their bodies’ alignment to greatly decrease their risk of injuries. 


Our 2 hour masterclass in-person or virtually is designed to be both a workout and a learning experience! 

What's included?


Basic Anatomy lesson to further body awareness.

Warm up

Dancers will learn how to properly warm up their minds and bodies for class and performances. 

Relate to Dance

Connecting what they just learned to their technique! Or as I always say, connecting the dance and fitness brain to create awareness in static and active posture.


Every body is different and it is important to learn difference misalignments that can be affecting their technique. 


Dancers will be lead in a full workout including mobility, flexibility and strength exercises specifically designed for dancers. 

Q & A

I always leave time after class to answer any questions the students or staff may have!

Interested in hosting a masterclass at your studio? 

Fill out the form below to schedule a call with Danielle ! 

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